Developing Custom Real Estate Solutions

The sales and real estate development process may start with a phone call – but it’s not just administrative show-and-tell or a checklist to be completed. Our sales and development experts know what questions to ask and will truly listen to what you say in order to best understand your needs.

We will walk through your facility to see what you currently have, discuss your current challenges and needs, and take note of what is currently working well – all with the goal of locating the right property and plan a build-out that will maximize the facility and prime your business for growth.

We are not out to fit your square peg into one of our round holes.  Instead, we’re looking for the most cost-effective way to get you into a space – whether it already exists in our portfolio, needs to be creatively redeveloped or needs to be acquired for you – that will meet your specific needs.

ICP has mastered an innovative process of using real estate to help our clients reduce operating costs, improve inefficiencies, increase productivity, and create jobs.  Whether the end-result is more space, less space, consolidation, a sale and leaseback or something entirely unique, we are with you every step of the real estate development process.

Sales & Development Experts

Customized solutions
Experienced real estate consultants
Quality commercial construction
Focus on cost and benefit

Find Your Commercial Real Estate Solution

Whether it is selling, leasing, sale/leaseback, build-to-suit or redeveloping a property to fit your needs, ICP works with each client to identify the challenge and find the right solution.

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