Industrial Commercial Properties buys Geauga Lake land

4 comments on “Industrial Commercial Properties buys Geauga Lake land

  1. Dennis Leonardi on

    Finally! Many conversations by a large group of us senior residents on the remembrance of the “Old” Geauga Lake Park. Be it attending or working there. It was heart-breaking to drive by just seeing it sit wasting away. BTW, met my wife there. It would be nice if an area could be set aside as a small sitting park by the lake for public gatherings.

  2. Sarah Anderson on

    I’m glad to see something’s being done to that land, which is currently an eyesore! However, keeping some nostalgia is going to be epic! I hope any new stores don’t shut down the current stores that are in the plaza that Kohl’s and Target occupy, that whole area is such a great shopping center. To many times new developments leave other shopping areas with empty buildings.


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