Midwest Industrial and Commercial Property Leasing

ICP has an extensive portfolio of commercial and industrial facilities available for lease. With more than 40 million square feet under management in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, we have a space that will meet your needs.

However, our goal is to ensure that you are not shoe-horned into a property that doesn’t work for you or that won’t grow with your business. Because we have in-house engineering and construction teams, we can make the modifications necessary to meet all of your requirements.

When you choose to lease with us, we start with an in-depth interview to determine your property needs both now and in the future. Then we work to engineer a solution that marries the best of your current space with your wish list for the future. We partner with you throughout the development process – and, as your property management, even after you’ve moved in. Our goals are to ensure that all of your commercial real estate needs are met in the most cost-effective manner for you and that your physical space contributes to the success of your organization.