Build-to-Suit Industrial & Commercial Property

ICP has an unwavering focus on finding the right real estate solution for you – or creating it when the right space is not readily available.

While we have an extensive portfolio of properties ready for lease, we are aware that the physical layout of your commercial/industrial space is extremely important to the efficiency of your business. Our goal is to find the right solution for you. Sometimes that’s one of our existing properties. And sometimes that requires customized commercial design-build services.

Industrial Commercial Properties offers a full suite of solutions, including expert, in-house engineering and construction teams. Our sales representatives and staff from these teams will work closely with you to determine your exact needs and create a cost-effective solution – whether that be customized build-out of our property, new construction on your land or ours, or acquisition and redevelopment of an existing site.

We have decades of experience in manufacturing, distribution and office space design and construction. We’ve built out more than 30 million square feet of property in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. With a portfolio that includes the former Goodyear factory in Akron, Ohio, a mixed-use economic center created from the former Hoover headquarters in North Canton, Ohio, and two former GM Plants in Pontiac, Michigan, our reputation for quality commercial design-build is unmatched. Our state-of-the-art, modern facilities are delivered on time and on budget, giving you space that improves productivity and profitability.