Industrial Real Estate and Commercial Property Acquisitions

Creative real estate solutions are our specialty. We’re not just a landlord and not just a redeveloper. Industrial Commercial Properties is a real estate solutions provider.

We have redeveloped 45 properties and over 40 million square feet of industrial and office space throughout Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. With a track record of success, we are always looking for new acquisition opportunities.

Sometimes these come about when a large property becomes available and, without our creative reuse, would sit vacant. For example, when Goodyear closed their massive Akron, Ohio, plant, we were able to purchase the property, which included 5 million square feet spread out over 300 acres. We redeveloped this property into a live-work-play environment with state-of-the-art office space, multi-family residential units, retail space, restaurants and a healthcare center.

Other times we acquire property in order to provide the best possible solution for our clients. For example, when Hynes Industries reached out to us, they had three separate facilities that really needed to be under one roof. We were able to develop a property already in our portfolio into the perfect solution for them – consolidating all of their operations into one space – and then acquire their old facilities to meet the needs of future clients.

We look for properties that have potential – including the right quality, functionality and location. Whether the property is single or multiple tenant, industrial, commercial or warehouse, our impressive redevelopment experience and creative reuse means that the building may find new life under our property management. As a result, our comprehensive portfolio of projects and list of available properties are always growing.