About Industrial Commercial Properties

Founded in 1996, Industrial Commercial Properties is more than just a company that buys, renovates and leases work space. We are a commercial and industrial rehabilitation and economic redevelopment partner. We help our clients better understand their business processes and facility needs. Through local market research and analysis, comprehensive property management strategies and highly responsive client services, we produce creative solutions designed to maximize your company’s value.

Every client’s needs and wants are different. The leadership and staff at Industrial Commercial Properties know this. That’s why we identify problems and create solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Industrial Commercial Properties builds relationships and works hand in hand to create a partnership with our customers that benefits owners, workers, communities, local government and investors. It is in our interest that our clients find a significant return on their investments because that’s what builds relationships and trust.

We are driven to provide unique, value-based solutions, and we strive to address the long-term facility needs that are strategic to our clients’ business goals.

The ICP Advantage

Twenty-plus years in business
Local market experts
Solutions tailored to each client
Full suite of in-house services